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Kevin Ryan

5640 Kellogg Center
Albion College
Albion, MI 49224
United States of America

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To find a career that fulfills my goals of conducting, performing, composing and/or educating in the field of music.

Music Work Experience

Music Director of the Beta Iota Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (3/29/05-Present)

Principal Trumpet Player of Albion College Symphony Orchestra (11/1/04-Present)

Principal Trumpet Player of Albion College Symphonic Band (10/1/04-Present)

Drum Major of Albion College British Eighth Marching Band (8/24/04-Present)

Piano Lessons Instructor (5/9/04-8/25/04)

Trumpet Lessons Instructor (9/1/99-6/1/02)

Undergraduate Music Courses

Music 101 - Music Theory I
Music 102 - Music Theory I
Music 121 - Marching Band
Music 122 - Symphonic Band
Music 125 - Symphony Orchestra
Music 155E - Piano Lessons
Music 181E - Trumpet Lessons
Music 401 - Seminar: Latin American Music

Undergraduate General Courses

English 151 - AP - Intro to the Study of Literature
English 376 - Shakespeare II
French 101 - Elementary French
French 102 - Elementary French Continued
French 201 - Intermediate French
Honors - Great Issues in Humanities
Honors - Great Issues in Social Sciences
Honors - Great Issues in Fine Arts
Liberal Arts - Crucial Generation
Math 141 - AP - Calculus of a Single Variable
Spanish 201 - Intermediate Spanish
Spanish 202 - Intermediate Spanish Continued
Spanish 301 - Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition
Spanish 315 - Interpretation of Literature
Spanish 402 - Seminar: Latin America and the Environment

Non-Music Work Experience

Office Assistant for Albion College Admissions Office (9/1/03-3/16/05)
For my current job I utilize the EMAS Recruitment computer program to input data from interest cards into the primary admissions database. I have also been called to assist with the stuffing and mailing of information to prospective students.  

Child Care Provider for the Boerma Family (6/1/03-8/25/03) (6/1/04-8/25/04) 
My responsibilities included taking care of a nine year old boy all day, three days a week and making sure he and the household were protected and well taken care of.

Sales Associate for Media Play (11/1/02-1/1/03)
As a cashier my primary responsibility was customer service and the exchange of money. I also helped with inventory and stock as well as on-floor assistance and phone assistance.