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Here are some of my original paintings!

The March of Pi

I'm not quite sure what inspired this piece. I enjoyed using large, curved brush strokes to create a torrent of of twisting grays in the background. As for why I chose pi, it's what my mind decided to put there really. Even amidst such chaos there is order.

A Flower in Jug

I love the bright, simplistic colors of this work. It's abstract, but it's also straightforward.

A Winter's Night

A Winter's Night is my first exploration into painting. It helped me to really appreciate acrylic paint as a medium.

Albion College Equestrian Center

This is a painting of the Albion College Equestrian Center. I first went and took many different pictures of the Equestrian Center and then used the pictures to create my painting. Instead of trying to obtain perfection with this piece, I went with a minimalist approach and tried to take such a complex subject and make it look very simple.

Sandy Beach Cliff

Like the Equestrian Center, this is a photograph turned painting. The photograph was orignally taken by Amanda Boundy and given to me as a painting subject. I liked the way the sky turned out, but it was very hard to paint the sand and achieve perception of heigth and depth with the acrylics.